Classy bridal entrances have become a growing trend in Indian weddings London. We present you with a few uber-cool ideas that are sure to make you shine and help you make your Indian and Asian wedding in London absolutely memorable.

In Indian and Asian weddings, a bride’s entry is an eagerly awaited moment. After all, this is the moment that symbolizes the beginning of a whole new phase of life. It’s a moment of anticipation, reverence and joy.

While the guests are mesmerized by her beauty and new look, the couple look forward of building a new life together, one filled with promises, happiness and sharing of responsibilities.

However, in recent times, the bridal entrance has take things to a whole new level in Indian weddings because it is no longer being celebrated in the old ways. Brides today are no longer timid and shy.

In this post, we have listed some wonderful bridal entrance ideas for all that the would-be brides who are looking forward to make their Indian wedding in London an ever-memorable one.

Bring the Doli Back

In ancient Indian culture, brides entered their in-laws house in a doli, an ornamented palanquin. Dolis were beautifully decorated and were covered with lush fabrics so that no one can see the bride’s face.

This ancient tradition can actually become a cool way for brides to enter their wedding. You can select good songs to play with the doli. This ethnic yet unique entry is sure to mesmerize your guests and leave them with unforgettable memories.

The Fairy Tale Entry

A wonderful thing about having Indian or Asian wedding in London is that it gives you numerous ways to bring the British sophistication and blend it with rich Indian heritage. One way to do that is to incorporate the fairy tale element into the weddings, and the best way to do that is display it in the bride’s entry.

You can have a beautiful, closed carriage like Cinderella or an open, vintage one. In either case, this fairy-tale like entrance is sure to surprise everyone including your better half. This setting is especially good when you have an open venue.

The Dancing Diva

Nothing makes for a grand entrance like a carefree but swagger-filled dance. Not only does the dance entry stands as the latest wedding trend but also makes for an energetic entry. You can either choose your own songs or you can have your own mash-up.

You can either perform alone or you can coordinate a dance routine with your own bridal party. The group dance entry makes for a harmonious performance while leaving the audience captivated and enthralled.

The Cool Vintage Car

If you wish to bring an element of timeless elegance in your wedding, then making a bride entry in a classic vintage car is the way to do it. However, you need to keep in mind that this should be within your budget. Even renting a vintage car can cost you a good amount. So, make sure that it does not hamper with your budget.

But, one thing you can be sure of is that this entry is going to create a sparkling moment for everyone. As she comes out of the classic vehicle, the bride will become a classic example of modern era brides.

Umbrella of Flowers

Another classic way of entering the wedding aisle is under umbrella of flowers. You can have small umbrellas customized out of classic flowers like white orchids, lilies and roses. The flower-knitted umbrellas will not only look unique but will also add to the wedding glamour.

To notch things up, you can ask the bridesmaids to match their outfit with the flowers of the umbrellas and carry it over the bride. Guests are sure to go ‘oohh’ and ‘aahh’ on this gesture.

The Canopy Queen

It is obvious that the bride and the groom take the limelight during the wedding. But when it comes to absolute grandeur, it’s the bride that radiates the aura of a queen. To make the queen’s entry even more special, you can adorn the aisle’s pathway with a floral canopy.

You can even add string lights to the canopy as it will make the entire thing simply breathtaking. While walking beneath this canopy, the bride will be enveloped in a symphony of scents and hues, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

A Boat or Gondola Arrival

If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating your wedding near water bodies, then a boat or gondola entrance can offer an enchanting touch of romance.  

The bride’s arrival on a beautifully adorned vessel will not only augment her beauty along with the beautiful boat but will also add an element of poetic charm to the celebration.

So, what do you think?

Which one do you think will be your way of making a dramatic entrance? Before you decide, do remember that some of the ideas can be a little costly. But that’s no reason to stop from implementing your captivating bridal entrance ideas. 

The ideas discussed here are meant for all sorts of budget. But in case you’re looking for a mix and match of these ideas, then Shenai Weddings is here to help you. 

Remember, each idea mentioned here captures the essence of one of the most vital moments in a couple’s life. These ideas allow the bride to shine while showing off the rich cultural heritage of Indian weddings in London.

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