The Future of Indian and Asian Wedding Mandaps

Mandap is an area of great significance in Indian and Asian weddings for this is the sacred place where the couples are united for life. Guided by age-old rituals, the mandap is the space where mantras are chanted, vows are said and this union is witnessed by the loved ones of both the bride and the groom.

This is the prime reason why people so meticulously plan their mandap decorations. When done magnificently, this space can become an embodiment of beauty, shining with vibrant colors, intricate designs, and opulent adornments.

Embellished with varieties of styles and trends, the mandap’s ornate structure becomes a visual spectacle that awes everyone. That’s why every element is meticulously shaped and constructed to create a breathtaking ambiance, symbolizing the grandeur and celebration of Indian and Asian weddings.

Over the years, mandap décor has gathered vivid ideas. Starting from fragrant flowers and shimmering metals to luxurious fabrics and enchanting lights, wedding planners had done a splendid job to give it a magical transformation.

The modern décor concepts present people with plenty of options to choose from given that it has now added the latest trends to its list.

So if you’re someone who is looking for some classic ideas and hoping to set a new trend, here are some of the latest mandap trends that are more likely to rule the weddings of 2023.

1. Less is More with Wonderful Wood

The new décor mantra of the modern era is ‘less is more’. This trend has found its way to the mandaps too. Wood is the primary material that is being used. Mahogany, mulberry, satinwood, teak wood – you can choose four wooden pillars and can decorate them elegantly with lights, flowers, or fabrics.

Wood gives a natural yet sophisticated touch to your mandap. It doesn’t look overdone but offers an aesthetic allure to the surroundings that are hard to miss. So give it a go.

2. Canopies of Mixed Elements

Canopies have always attracted the attention of love birds. So, one can argue of a canopy is the latest addition. Well, it’s not but its décor style is. Compared to older times when the canopy was mostly crafted of a single element, modern decorators give it a touch of mixed elements.

You can go for an ethereal canopy with drapes, one adorned with flowing drapes in sheer fabrics. Soft chiffon, organza, or silk billow, that subtly catches the light and creates a delicate ambiance. You can tie the drapes with floral accents, ribbons, or beaded embellishments.

The play of light and shadow along with the gentle movement of the drapes will give it an enchantingly romantic feel and will make the mandap all dreamy.

3. Traditional Elements with Modern Touch

As with their houses, modern couples are looking forward to combining traditional elements with contemporary designs to give their mandaps a modern touch. This can be done by using modern geometric patterns, minimalist structures, or sleek metallic accents while still maintaining the essence of traditional Indian and Asian aesthetics.

To make your décor more varied you can also try combining elements from different cultures and styles, which is also a growing wedding décor trend. The amalgamation of different cultures creates an eclectic fusion décor. The idea is to celebrate diversity.

You can combine Indian and Asian traditions with Western influences or blend elements from different regions of India or Asia, resulting in a vivacious and pulsating décor. You can mix Indian textiles, Chinese lanterns, or Japanese-inspired floral arrangements and can create a harmonious cultural arrangement.

4. Go Eco-Friendly with the Natural Touch

Sustainable and eco-friendly décor options are another trending décor concept. With people becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint, more and more couples are opting for natural and biodegradable materials like bamboo, jute, or recycled paper, for mandap decorations.

Using plants or floral arrangements that can be repurposed after the wedding is also a sustainable choice. You can also go for a rustic wedding arch ornamented with natural vines. Try and incorporate more greenery and use more natural shades.

5. Make it More Personalized

Personalization has become a global trend and it’s not just shopping. It has made its way into wedding decorations too. Couples are now craving customized backdrops that include monograms, their initials, or designs that reflect their story.

The customized elements not only offer a unique touch but also make the mandap special for the couple. It portrays their loyalty, respect, and lifetime commitment to each other.

6. Win Hearts with Creative Lighting

Since most Indian and Asian weddings take place at night, couples get a wonderful opportunity to make it special with creative lighting. Though lights are an inevitable part of any wedding décor, people overlook their potential to make the whole thing magnificent.

Lights can create and cast a diving aura upon the surroundings. The use of artistic lighting techniques can magically transform the ambiance of the mandap. Using fairy lights, hanging lanterns, chandeliers or even candles can create an enchanted and ethereal atmosphere, especially for evening and nighttime ceremonies.

7. Show Off with Floral Extravaganza

Imagine stepping into a mandap embellished with a classic floral extravaganza. Right from the entrance to the pillars and arches, every place is glorified with fresh bloom and welcoming fragrances. Roses, marigolds, orchids, and lilies intermingle to create cascading, fragrant atmosphere.

You can add exclusiveness to your mandap by choosing flowers of colors that harmonize with the wedding theme. It can vary from soft pastels to strong tones, adding a sense of opulence and natural beauty to the mandap.

So, what is it going to be?

Now that you have the list with you, which one would you opt for? Confused? Well, a simple way to do things is to remember that trends can vary based on personal preferences, culture, traditions, and religious aspects.

Moreover, most couples strive to create unique and custom-crafted mandap décor that reflects their style and celebrates their heritage. Just know that beyond its aesthetic allure, the mandap is the focal point in Indian and Asian weddings.

It brings families and friends together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. So whether you choose traditional elegance or the ethereal play of drapes, your décor style will eventually contribute to the beauty and visual splendor of the mandap, making it memorable for everyone.

That’s the reason why need to hand over this delicate task to professionals who know and understand the sanctity of the mandap. Shenai Weddings is happy to help you out. Just let us know what’s on your mind and together, we can make your dream of an elegant mandap come true.

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