Live food stations are excellent ways to showcase the culinary extravaganza and flavorful diversity of Indian cuisines. But you need to set up the right ones to offer the best. Read the post to learn about trending food stations that you can have at your Indian wedding in London.

Indian weddings are vibrant celebrations steeped in rich cultural heritage, age-old rituals, and of course, exquisite cuisines. Among the myriad elements that make these occasions memorable, the evolving trend of live food stations has taken center stage.

Gone are the days when wedding catering simply meant serving a seated multi-course meal. The contemporary Indian weddings in London embrace innovation and experiential dining, introducing live food stations that engage guests in a gastronomic journey.

These stations, brimming with aromatic spices, vibrant colors, and interactive culinary experiences, have become a hallmark of modern Indian weddings, especially in cosmopolitan hubs like London.

Live Food Stations – Beauty in Diversity

The beauty of live food stations lies in their diversity. Each station is a culinary adventure in itself, showcasing regional specialties. Guests revel in the opportunity to explore the vastness of Indian cuisine, from the aromatic spices of North Indian curries to the tangy delights of South Indian delicacies.

One of the most captivating aspects of these stations is their interactive nature. Watching skilled chefs craft delicacies before their eyes adds an element of excitement.

Whether it’s witnessing the art of mixing mocktails or savoring the sizzle of kebabs on the grill, guests become active participants in the culinary process. The problem, however, is that there are too many options but limited space to put all of them.

That’s why we have listed the top live food stations that are trending in Indian weddings. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Mocktail/Cocktail Counter

Fancy drinks have become quite a part of Indian weddings. Having a live mocktail or cocktail counter is sure to elevate the mood of your guests. They will love a live counter that serves them with on-the-go refreshing drinks.

Mocktail - Cocktail Counter in Indian and Asian wedding in London

Pay attention to the décor if you want to make it unique. However, make sure that you have a person who has expertise and experience in handling these things and can keep the guests in check and entertain them at the same time.

Street Food Extravaganza

The allure of Indian street food finds its way into these weddings through dedicated stations. From the crispiness of golgappas filled with tangy water to the fragrant pav bhaji, these stations recreate the charm of bustling Indian streets in a refined and hygienic environment.

Nowadays, Indian street foods are getting new touch with international flavours like nacho chaat, Chinese bhel, etc. Such delicacies are sure to entice the taste buds of your guests.

Chinese Counter

Chinese cuisine has become quite a hit with people. They love indulging in spicy noodles served with Chinese main courses like Manchurians. Having a live Chinese counter is going to be a nice twist for taste as well as for your guests.

Ask your caterer to serve these dishes in a contemporary avatar as that will offer your guests an opportunity to relish familiar flavours in a novel presentation.

Tandoor and Barbecue

Indian kebabs are winning hearts all over the world. The new trend is to get live barbecues of well-marinated chicken chunks, potatoes, roasted cauliflowers, and last but not least, chicken tandoor.

The hot kebabs along with the live grill counter are sure to satiate your guests with the exclusiveness of Indian spices.

Herbal Hookah Station

Offering a unique and trendy option, the herbal hookah corner has become increasingly popular at Indian weddings. Guests can enjoy a variety of herbal hookah flavors like mint, apple, and grape, creating a relaxed and aromatic atmosphere for socializing and enjoying the festivities.

Once again, you will need to ask your caterer to have an expert over the counter who can handle the blends well and keep things clean.

Kulfi Station

After a delicious Indian feast, a refreshing kulfi is the perfect way to cool down and end the evening on a sweet note. Live kulfi stations offer a variety of flavors, from traditional mango and pistachio to more adventurous options like rose and Kesar.

Guests can enjoy their kulfi in traditional cones or bowls, making for a visually appealing and delicious dessert option.

Sweet Displays

Indian sweet dishes are known for their burst of flavours, mouth-watering aroma, and of course, wonderful taste. Right from simple payasam to chocolate delicacies, there are countless options to go with.

So why not notch it up with an exquisite sweet display? You can include a variety of sweets including contemporary options like cupcakes and pastries alongside barfis and jalebis. This will allow your guests to mix and match their options and choose as per their taste.

Paan Stalls

No Indian wedding is ever complete without a paan. The best part is that it comes with its variety and can be customized with different flavours. Having a stylized paan cart will give that perfect finishing touch to your sumptuous feast.

Make sure that your custom-tailored paan cart has paan-wala who will prepare fresh paans for your guests. Talk to your caterer or wedding planner about it. Such a unique arrangement is sure to amaze your guests and leave them with fulfilling memories of your wedding.

All in all, in the vibrant tapestry of an Indian wedding in London, having these live food stations will weave a story of culinary extravaganza, innovation, and cultural richness.

These stations encapsulate the spirit of celebration, offering guests an unforgettable gastronomic journey that mirrors the diversity and vibrancy of India itself.

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