Get the right tips that help you find the best place for your dreamy Asian or Indian wedding in London

Wedding venues hold a very special place in Asian and Indian weddings. In oriental weddings, venues become the canvas on which the vibrant tapestry of cultural heritages is painted.

The wedding venue becomes the place of physical manifestation of joy and celebration. Every single corner is decorated which sets the tone for becoming the witness of lifelong memories.

That’s the reason why every Indian couple tries to land with the best available choice. But in a vast place like London, finding the right one can be a daunting task. You will have many options, but it will be tough to find the one that meets all your criteria.

So how do you find that perfect wedding venue in London that will resonate with your culture and become the background of celebrations? This post is an attempt to assist you in that quest.

We have enlisted a few tips and tricks that will help you in finding the right Indian or Asian wedding venue in London.

Identify Your Core Needs

Before you begin your search for a wedding venue, it is essential to identify your specific needs. Make a first draft of your requirements and then take a second and a third look to narrow it down to the ones that’s absolutely necessary.

Certain things must be taken into considerations like the estimated number of guests, pre-wedding ceremonies, and traditional touch of the building. You also need to consider the amenities you would like the venue to provide like in-house catering, bridal suite, parking facilities, or nearby lodgings.

Research and Shortlist

You live in the amazing era of the Internet. Once you have set your core needs, the best place to start your search is with a search engine. Research as much as you can and shortlist the ones that match your criteria (even remotely).

However, there are a few things that you need to remember here.

Apart from search engines, you can also utilize listing portals, wedding directories, and recommendations from friends or family members.

Budget and Other Additional Costs

Wedding budgets can quickly escalate the estimated expenses. Something or the other is going to come up at the last moment. That’s why it is necessary to establish a clear budget as well as calculate additional costs associated with the venue.

Learn as much as you can about the venue’s pricing structure. This will also involve package options, menu selections, and other charges for additional services like decorations, lighting, or event coordinators. Stay transparent in pricing as this will help you avoid any unexpected financial shocks down the line.

Visit and Evaluate

Once you are done with the shortlist, compile names of the potential ones in a single file and get ready for personal evaluation. Advanced technologies today have made it possible to paint pretty good images. That’s why it’s crucial to verify it up-close.

Once you have compiled a list of potential venues, schedule your visits to evaluate them personally. Fix your appointments with venue coordinators or wedding planners. Be thorough with your discussion and clearly convey your requirements.

While you are on your visit, do examine the ambiance, aesthetics, and overall appeal of the venue. Check out the available spaces like outdoor areas, banquets rooms and the halls. Also, do assess if it aligns with your cultural theme or at least serves as the ideal background.

Availability and Booking

An important thing that you need to check with your venue is its availability and booking. The selection of your venue will also depend on that because if you’re picking a popular venue, that chances are that it might have a limited availability.

Also, cross-checking the venues with your preferred wedding date may further narrow down the list. In case you get your available date, it’s advisable to book well in advance.

However, do discuss the deposit amount, cancellation policy, and payment schedules with the venue coordinator. If need be, get a written contract that outlines the terms and conditions to protect the interests of both parties.

Compare Thoroughly

Once you have gathered all the necessary data about your chosen names, compare the information, including cost, facilities, services, and feedback, to make an informed decision. Choose the Indian wedding venue in London that meets most of your requirements, if not all.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Finally, you can hire a wedding planner who will do all the hard work for you and will help you find and get that perfect wedding place of yours. One of the greatest perks of working with wedding planners is that their experience already equips them with the required knowledge.

So, while it can be hard for you to land the right venue, they can easily present you with viable options and ease your burden.

Summing Up

Finding that one perfect Asian or Indian wedding venue in London require proper planning, research and personal evaluation along with thorough comparison.

Although London’s multicultural landscape offers a plethora of choices, it is not going to be easy picking the one that allows you to enjoy your wedding with absolute cultural authentication. 

However, by following the tips enlisted above you can find the right venue, or you can leave the complications to the experts like us.

With Shenai Wedding, you can find that exclusive place that allows you to have your dreamy Asian and Indian wedding in London in its full glory.

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