Indian wedding décor is incomplete without floral accents. However, in a city like London, finding the perfect flowers can be difficult, but not if you follow our given tips and look at our flower recommendations. Read the post to know how you can pick the right flowers for your Asian or Indian wedding in London.

Flowers have a special place in oriental weddings. They stand as poignant symbols of traditions because flowers used to be an integral part of wedding celebrations way before people discovered other ways to embellish such events, and they still do.

That’s why couples become very particular about floral decorations. For Indian or Asian couples living in London, flower musings contain picking the right flowers as that can make a big difference in their Indian and Asian wedding in London.

Right from the beautiful roses to the glamorous orchids, flowers can add more to the wedding than just décor. But there are a lot of factors to consider for choosing the right ones, especially in a place like London where getting your favourite flowers might take some extra effort.

But with proper knowledge and correct guidance, you can complement your wedding décor with that perfect floral accent. In this post, we give you some key tips that will help act as a compass to help you navigate London’s floral landscape and the right kind of flowers.

Consider Your Budget

The first and foremost thing to do while picking your favourite flowers is to consider your budget. This is important because if you’re going for off-season flowers, that could come in the form of additional expenses. So, it’s better to be more strategic about it.

On the other hand, going for locally sourced flowers or the seasonal ones can help you manage costs and make for a sustainable wedding décor.

Consider the Venue

Venue should be considered while selecting flowers. First, decide which places you would want your flowers to be. For example, you might want a hanging floral decoration for your dance floor but not in the hall, or you might want a beautiful floral canopy adorning your mandap.

The point is that understanding the dynamics and architectural features of your venue will help you pick the right flowers in right amount. It will also help you in making appropriate floral settings without overdoing anything.

Moreover, getting flowers that complement the venue décor will create more enchanting and harmonious ambiance Indian wedding décor in London.

Theme Synchronization

The colour palette of an oriental wedding calls for the richness of the cultural tapestry. That’s why many couples insist on choosing flowers that resonate with the wedding colour theme.

If going for hues like red and gold, couples might want to get roses of the same hues. However, if they are going for subtle yet highly elegant tones of ivory and gold, then vibrant shades of orchids will add depth to the décor and bring that extra charm to the whole thing.

Make sure that whatever flower you choose gets skilfully incorporated within your wedding décor and synchronized with the wedding theme.

Season Based

Doesn’t the fall look great with all the changing hues of leaves with a touch of brown, a hint of rust, and the subtleness of yellow in the atmosphere? Our point is that one of the best ways to decorate your wedding is to add the seasonal glare which you can accomplish with flowers.

Let’s say if you’re having an autumn wedding, then consider going for yellow flowers, sunflowers and different hues of marigold to bring that autumn feel to it. Similarly, if you’re having a summer wedding, then consider going for lily, soft-pink roses, and dahlias.

Consult Wedding Planners

Let’s admit it. When in uncertainty, it’s best to seek out the help of the experts, and this applies here too. So, when you have too many options, or you’re confused about your choices, it is best to consult experienced wedding planners.

You can consult the florists too but if you’re novice about flowers, then it will be easy to mislead you or misguide you. Since wedding planners have contacts with multiple vendors, you will be able to get what you need and within your budget.

Top Flowers to Choose from

In case you’re looking for specific recommendations, then here are a few of them that can embellish your Indian or Asian wedding in London.

Summing Up

Selecting the right flowers for an Indian or Asian wedding in London is no small feat. It’s an art that delicately binds together cultural symbolism, aesthetic appeal, and personal preferences.

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