Looking for unique paan cart designs to dazzle your guests? Shenai Weddings presents you with some eccentric yet classy ideas that will make your paan cart the centre of attraction of your Indian wedding in London.

Betel leaves, popularly known as “paan” in India, hold great traditional significance in Indian culture and go beyond being a mouth freshener. They’re entwined with rituals and customs, and in certain Indian cultures like Rajasthan, offering betel leaves is a gesture of warmth and respect.

It’s a common practice to present guests with a betel leaf adorned with various elements like areca nut, slaked lime, and sometimes tobacco or other spices, symbolizing the confluence of flavours and cultures.

Paan, therefore, is an integral part of Indian wedding celebrations and in London, where Indian wedding celebrations are becoming increasingly vibrant and stylish, having a nicely adorned paan cart stall has become a focal point and a delicious way to conclude the sumptuous feast.

But to ensure that your paan cart looks unique, Shenai Weddings brings you some exclusive design ideas that will help you delight your customers in both look and taste.


Go all flashy with the vibrant Bollywood theme. The best part of this theme is that you will have plenty of ways to experiment with the stall decorations. Let’s have a look at a few ways.

Décor: Use vibrant colours like a fluorescent pink, orange, and yellow with Bollywood movie posters and cut-outs of iconic stars like Shah Rukh, Madhuri, Rekha, and Amitabh Bachchan.

Lighting: Get string lights and LED strips for a festive atmosphere. 

Music: Play Bollywood music in the background, especially the songs that have paan in them. 

Presentation: Present paan arranged in colourful boxes or baskets with Bollywood-themed designs.


Rajasthani Rajputs have always been known for their grandeur and décor. Given that even paan is presented royally, you can have that same feel for your paan cart stall. Let’s see how you can do that.

Décor: Go for rich fabrics like silk and brocade in traditional Rajasthani colours like red, gold, and blue.

Lighting: Use lanterns and oil lamps for a traditional feeling and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Music: Play Rajasthani folk music or instrumental Indian classical music.

Presentation: Serve paan on silver platters or intricately designed metal bowls.


Since eco-friendly designs are trending and look voguish as well, you can go for a typical rustic look for your paan cart and give it a natural look by introducing some natural elements. Here are a few ways to do that.

Décor: Choose natural materials like wood and go for fabrics with earthy tones. 

Lighting: Go for candles and lanterns for a naturally enchanting and relaxed atmosphere. 

Music: Play acoustic music for that soothing feeling. 

Presentation: Serve paan in wooden bowls or on woven baskets with dried leaves and flowers as garnish.


Couples who are crazy about flowers should chase their floral fantasy for the paan cart design as well. They can either choose flowers to match their wedding décor or set it apart with seasonal blooms. Here are the tips for the same.

Décor: Select fresh flowers and introduce greenery with a focus on Indian blooms like jasmine, marigolds, and roses. 

Lighting: Mix it with fairy lights and candles for a soft, romantic glow. 

Music: Play soft instrumental music or nature sounds. 

Presentation: Offer paan arranged on a bed of fresh flower petals with edible elements as garnish.


Many modern Indian couples love to have that minimalism that makes their Indian wedding in London appear more sophisticated. If you want that look for your paan cart, then here’s how you can achieve that.

Décor: Introduce décor items with clean lines and geometric shapes with a focus on white and neutral colours.

Lighting: Use spotlights and LED strips for a more modern look.

Music: Play ambient electronic music or lounge music.

Presentation: Offer paan arranged in sleek, minimalist containers with edible silver or gold leaf as garnish.


Besides considering the themes and designs mentioned above, you also need to take care of certain things to have that perfect paan stall counter at your wedding. Given below are a few additional tips that will help you tie the loose ends and get that perfectly delightful paan cart design.

Hire a professional paan vendor: You need this as it will ensure that your guests have access to a variety of high-quality paan fillings.

Live Paan Preparation: Since you’ll have a professional paan vendor, ask him/her at the stall to prepare paan live for guests, making it more entertaining.

Offer a selection of fillings: When it comes to paan, people have their tastes. Cater to different tastes by offering a variety of fillings like gulkand, meetha, mitha, and chuna.

Personalize the experience: Add a special touch by offering personalized paan boxes or bags with the couple’s names or wedding dates.

Make it interactive: Encourage guests to try different fillings and create their paan combinations.

By incorporating these tips and choosing a design that reflects the theme and style of your wedding, you can create a lively and memorable paan cart stall that will be an absolute hit with your guests.

Summing Up

A lively paan cart at an Indian wedding in London can add a charming touch and become a focal point for guests to enjoy a traditional delicacy. In the heart of London, these carts, adorned with intricate designs and vibrant hues, bring forth a captivating fusion of tradition and modern allure.

Whether you choose a vibrant Bollywood theme or a serene Floral Fantasy, remember that the key to a successful paan cart is its ability to capture the spirit of your wedding celebration.

With a touch of creativity and attention to detail, you can transform this humble stall into a lively and memorable centerpiece that will make the experience memorable for everyone involved.

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