A nicely designed centerpiece decoration can impart a feeling of warmth among your guests. Read the post to get some classic centerpiece decoration ideas to make your Indian or Asian wedding in London more charming.

If you have ever been to an Indian wedding, then you must be aware by now that Indian weddings are big on decoration as the décor is the main play to display its rich heritage. But the true beauty of Indian or Asian wedding décor lies in the fact that every single aspect is given equal importance, and the centerpiece is no exception.

Nicely designed centerpieces are more than just decorative elements. They are wonderful means of enhancing the visual appeal of otherwise bland furniture. They set the right mood of the guests and make for great icebreakers as well.

So, couples should be thoughtful while creating their own niche centerpiece for their traditional weddings. In case you’re running short of ideas, then here are a handful of them that will help you to embellish the tables with some exclusive centerpiece décor and add that extra spark to your Indian wedding in London.

Magical Metal

Metallic décor has got a certain thing to it, and when it comes to oriental weddings, there’s no shortage of flaunting it because metals always have been an integral part of these traditions.

For your Indian wedding, you can add metal lamps or metal bowls made of brass, copper or silver. You can get small silver vases and complement it with silver cutlery. This kind of combination is sure to brighten things up for the tables as well as for your guests.

Floral Charm

When it comes to natural beauty and charm, nothing works like flowers. Flowers are those natural elements that can effortlessly bridge cultural gaps. With flowers, you can blend London’s flamboyancy with Indian tradition to impart a unique look.

For a typical traditional look, you can go with native flowers like roses and jasmines. But for modern touches, you can mix colorful marigolds with fragrant English blooms like peonies, and lilies.

You can create small floating vases and let the flowers flow abundantly. The mingling colors and floral fragrances are sure to make things more pleasant for your guests.

Beautiful Branches

Decorating with natural branches has become quite a trend, especially in western wedding décor. Branches are good because they can be ornamented with a plethora of elements. Right from hanging tea candles in small holders to small crystal balls, well-decorated branches can take your centerpiece décor to a whole new level.

One thing to take note is that you need to maintain the branch size and that in turn depends upon the table size. Do ensure that the branches are big enough to stand out but small enough to allow proper spacing. You can go for Manzanita, or birch branches or you can even opt for vines.

Captivating Candles

Candles are a graceful way of decorating centerpieces. The best thing about candles is that they can fit right into anything. All you need is a little creativity and effort and you will have crafted a unique centerpiece décor item for your wedding.

Set them in candle pillars and you will have a contemporary look. Put them in glass holders or Moroccan lanterns and you will get a typical ethnic look. You can also couple it with other articles like flowers and water to make them even more eye-catching.

You can even use tea lights as they are great versatile options. You can place them in a variety of containers like glass votives and jars. However, make sure that no matter what type of candle you choose, it is well-placed and safe from wind.

Majestic Cages

Small bird cages have emerged to become the new fashion trend of wedding décor, and for good reasons. With the right items and proper arrangement, these cages can become magnificent centerpiece decorations.

You can either go for floral arrangement where you embellish a birdcage with exotic flowers like orchids and hydrangeas, or you can use tea lights or candle pillars for creating a soft atmosphere.

To make things unique, you can decorate the cage with flowers above and place sweet treats inside like chocolates, nuts and candies. Such a unique idea is sure to awe your guests and please them as well.

Additional Useful Tips

With the right kind of items and proper alignment with wedding décor, your centerpieces can become one of the most exclusive items of your wedding. But before you set on to decide the right one, do keep these tips in mind:

Last but not least, stay creative. Experiment with designs and try and incorporate as much DIY as possible.

Remember, creativity does not stick to rules. So, let your imagination run wild and you will be able to create centerpieces that are sure to become the talk of your Indian wedding in London.

But, if you find everything too overwhelming, then the best thing to do is to hire the services of professionals, and right now you are looking at one.

But, if you find everything too overwhelming, then the best thing to do is to hire the services of professionals, and right now you are looking at one.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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