Lighting has the power to instantly transform your guests to an enchanted land. Shenai Weddings enlists seven astounding ways to lighting to illuminate your Indian and Asian wedding in London with style and elegance.

An Indian wedding is an amalgamation of numerous elements. While some of them take prominence in discussion (like food, , décor and accommodations), some subtle elements happen to orchestrate the emotional crescendo. One such element is lighting.

Lighting to Illuminate Your Indian or Asian Wedding décor in London because it sets the mood and ambiance for the occasion. The importance of proper lighting in weddings transcends the mundane; it weaves an ethereal tapestry and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

The right lighting choice can transform a mundane venue into a place of dreams. It can elevate the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. When set in tune with the decorations, it casts an enchanting spell upon the guests.

That’s why, we have dedicated this post to help you explore some classy lighting options that bring a touch of elegance and enchantment to Indian and Asian weddings in London and beautifully blend ethnicity with modernity. So let’s begin.

Charming Chandeliers

Chandeliers have always been considered a symbol of grandeur and sophistication. An additional benefit is that chandeliers come in great variety of designs. So you can have it in ethnic style as well in modern touches.

You can hang the chandeliers above the dance floor or as a centrepiece in the reception hall, or even for extra illumination in the mandap. Chandeliers with intricate designs can infuse an air of elegance and can add a touch of regal charm to the celebration.

Lovely Oriental Lamps

When it comes to traditional lighting, lamps make for an obvious choice, especially oriental lamps. Nowadays, you can find a variety of ornate oriental designs to choose from. Crafted with vibrant colours, these lamps can instantly change the ambiance of a wedding setting.

You can either hang them from the ceiling or place them strategically around the venue to offer a traditional yet elegant feel. They impart an ethereal glow and transport guests to the land of wonders.

Traditional Diyas and Oil Lamps

If you are bent on giving your Indian wedding décor in London the most authentic heritage touch, then traditional diyas and oil lamps are your best bets. Diyas hold a special place in Indian weddings. The small, flickering lights of the traditional diyas and lamps will help build a serene atmosphere.

Nowadays, the diyas are crafted in different designs and come in vibrant colours. So you can choose the ones that augment your décor. You can place the diyas and lamps on the pathways, or on the tables to add that extra zing. You can even place them on rangoli designs to bring that authentic cultural pride to your lighting.


When you talk about elegant lighting options, you simply cannot overlook candles.  As lighting décor, candles not only present you with variations in terms of designs, colors, size, and shapes, but also present you with numerous decorating-type options.

You can place them in grand decorative holders like silver holders or coloured glass holders or you can use floating candles by placing them in water-filled vases, or pools for creating an enchanting, romantic atmosphere.

Moroccan Lanterns

If you are captivated by the Arabian décor or want that Middle eastern elegance, then Moroccan lanterns are the best picks. Moroccan lanterns radiate an exotic stylishness that beautifully complements the mystique of Indian and Asian weddings.

The intricate metalwork patterns of these lanterns cast mesmerizing and interestingly designed shadows, which create an atmosphere that perfectly complements the night of celebrations.

You can hang the lanterns from the ceilings and even place them in centre tables. Moroccan lanterns, however, go best when hung from natural elements like branches or placed around flowers.

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights have become extremely popular lighting elements, especially because these lights have the ability to impart a magical atmosphere during wedding celebrations and instantly transform the entire ambiance.

These lighting décor items add a touch of enchantment to the wedding venue and do a wonderful job of delighting the guests. The greatest thing is that fairy lights can be incorporated in the wedding venue in different ways.

You can use them to decorate trees and shrubs that come as a part of your Indian wedding venue in London, or you can use them as a part of your canopy décor, covering the soft, patterned fabrics and giving it a romantic glow.

Marquee Lighting

Looking for some personalized lighting options? Go for Marquee lights for they give you plenty of options to personalize your décor as well as your wedding. You can use these lights in the form of large, highlighted letters that spell out the couple’s name or words of endearment.

Such unique lighting decorations are sure to awe and mesmerize your guests alike. Marquee lights are excellent ways for adding a personalized touch and at the same time offering a brilliant background for photographs.

Summing Up

Proper lighting has the power to conduct emotions. Soft, warm lighting add a touch of romance and nostalgia, while vibrant hues reflect excitement and joy. It lends an air of magic to the entire wedding décor.

In oriental weddings, where traditions and customs form the heart of the décor, lighting serves as a bridge between culture and modernity, and tradition and innovation.

In the vibrant settings of Indian and Asian weddings in London, lighting serves as the brushstroke that adds depth, illumination and radiance to the celebration. From the traditional touch of diyas to the modern touch of Marquee lights, each lighting option brings its own charm to the table.

But while picking the right one, do consider your wedding theme, decorations and of course, your budget for elegant options like chandeliers and Marquee may cost you a bit.

And in case you need help, feel free to contact the professionals and find out the perfect options that will augment your wedding décor and will be easy on your budget as well.

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