How to Add a Touch of India to Your London Wedding Décor with These 6 Ideas

Who doesn’t love and want a big fat Indian wedding? Indians, no matter wherever they are, can never let go of that beautiful dream. The glory, the glamour, and the grandeur – somewhere deep down, we all have dreamt of it all.

We also know that wedding decorations are a fundamental part of that glamour. If you have dreamt of one, then you must have imagined guests entering the venue and exclaiming “oooh” and “aah” all the time. The wedding décor can literally leave them in awe.

But… some things are easier said than done, especially when you are trying to do it out of India. While you might already have thousands of ideas popping up in your head, it can be hard to stick to a single one.

Additionally, if you’re staying in a place like London, you might have to push a little harder to find the unique things that shout ‘India’. So what do you do? You relax, read this post and find out some impeccable and impressive Indian wedding décor ideas for London.

Idea No. 1 – White and Metallic

We know that rich colours and vibrant shades make for Indian tradition, especially when it comes to clothing. But for décor, you can go for the creamy yet glittery feel of white and metallic, specifically a mix of gold and silver. Since heavy jewelry too is a big part of Indian weddings, your theme can reflect the same.

Go for a mix of white roses and lilies and ornate them with thin gold and silver veils. You can drape the centerpieces with elegant off-white and metal embroidered table clothes while using silver cutlery. The lighting will throw a shimmery shine to it all.

Idea No. 2 – Fifty Shades of Pink

Gone are those days when people were only stuck with strong shades. Modern weddings are all about experimenting with colours and pink is going global. Pink and its hues have always been known to add a soft glamour to any occasion.

Fuchsia, cherry blossom pink, hot pink, baby pink, rose pink, punch and flamingo and the list can go on. To brighten up your wedding you can mix and match the hues. Right from the flowers to the tables, you can use this playful colour to spruce up your wedding décor.

Idea No. 3 – The Royal Blue

Blue colour has always been linked to royalty and what better way to showcase it than at Indian weddings? A wedding décor arrangement with a theme blue shall display grandness with dignity and notch up the decorum without shouting ‘overdone’.

To make it stand out, put the focus on drapes and flowers. You can use heavily embroidered satin pieces as a canopy or in a wavy style. You can also induce shades of sky and turquoise to make it appear brighter. The images below will give you a better idea.

Idea No. 4 – Go Green

Dia Mirza, a famous Indian actress, came into the limelight for her wedding décor. Do you know why? It’s because of her eco-friendly wedding that won millions of hearts and became an inspiring wedding theme for others.

Given that lots of Indian wedding rituals take place with natural elements including trees, going green could definitely make you stand out. For example, Dia Mirza went for local hand-crafted baskets made of natural fibers and gifted everyone a plant. To notch it up, she used hyper-local flowers in her decoration.

You can pick a venue that’s surrounded by greenery and can use them for lighting and decoration instead of spending or wasting on additional decoration items. Below is a glimpse of Dia Mirza’s wedding.

Idea No. 5 – Mughal Inspired

The Mughals were known for their love of pomp and show. They loved to decorate themselves as well as their abodes with heavy decorations. Ivory, gold, silver, bronze – theirs was a grand fusion of metals and colours with rich fabrics.

So if you are someone who loves to show off sumptuousness, then Mughal décor is the way to go. Sequined centerpieces, ornamented drapery, mandaps surrounded in a sea of red and gold, and carpeted floors – you sure are going to show your guests what lavish looks like.

Idea No. 6 – Go Colours

Do you know one of the most outstanding things about weddings? It’s the vibrancy of your guests. While the day definitely belongs to the bride and the groom, there’s much opulence to see in the guests too and to match this vibrancy, you too can go colourful with your wedding décor.

Sure it’s not advisable to simply put all the colours together. But picking up certain combinations like red, blue, green or green, red, yellow or blue, ivory and pink can impart your wedding decorations with a unique look and can leave your guests talking for months.

Here are a couple of images to give you a better idea.

Summing Up

Lavish decorations are an integral part of any big, fat Indian wedding. Indians residing in London are looking to match their wedding with the same touch and feel and at the same time make their weddings unique and memorable.

It’s a good thing then that you can have it all by experimenting with some unique Indian bespoke wedding décor in London. You can use specific colour themes like royal blue or shades of pink, or you can go with a combination of themes like white and metallic or red and gold. 

You can also choose to keep it eco-friendly and yet make it magnificent by using hyper-local flowers and handcrafted items. Whatever your choice, just remember not to overdo or underdo anything. So better hire the services of professionals for the same. Simply convey them your ideas and everything shall be taken care of.

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