Want to have a trending wedding in the vibrant city of London? Read this post where we discuss some of the top wedding trends that you can use in your Indian and Asian wedding in London.

Indian and Asian weddings are popular for their unique customs, traditions, and of course, the lavishness and grandeur of their wedding celebrations. But as the world is becoming more cosmopolitan, Indian and Asian couples are changing their take toward wedding décor.

Such couples are following and incorporating modern wedding trends into their weddings to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. Embracing these trends allows them to add modern elements to their décor while also staying true to their cultural heritage.

Sustainable Celebrations

A hard truth about weddings is that they contribute a lot towards waste generation. So, in an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, sustainable weddings are becoming more and more prominent.

That’s why, couples are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and are going for eco-friendly décor like recycled wedding décor materials and locally sourced flowers to reduce their environmental impact on their wedding day.

This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also sends a powerful message about responsible living. If you’re looking for some tips, then here are a couple of them for planning a sustainable Indian wedding in London:

Thematic Décor

Themed weddings are becoming quite the trend. From traditional royal decorations to more contemporary and unique themes like vintage style or rustic elegance, themed weddings are becoming more serious and creative with time.We are talking bold colours, statement pieces, and personalized items that can transform your wedding venue into an enchanting land. In case you want some tips to get started, then here are some good ones:

Experiential Elements

Lately, there has been a rise in experiential elements to make weddings more enjoyable and outstanding for guests. As a result, experiential elements have become prominent wedding trends.

Couples are taking an interest in them as they impart exclusive wedding experiences to guests and make weddings truly unforgettable. But what are those experiential elements? Here are some interesting ones:

Intimate celebration

Intimate wedding celebrations became a necessity during the pandemic where the number of guests was restricted. But given the cost cuttings and ease of planning intimate weddings, these celebrations became a trend.

Nowadays, more and more couples are opting for more intimate weddings with their closest friends and family members only. For couples who are planning their Indian or Asian wedding in London, intimate celebrations present a brilliant chance to focus more on the quality of the experience and have a more personal celebration.

If you’re looking for some tips, then here are a few that will help you get started on having intimate celebrations:

Additional Tips

The best thing about oriental weddings is that you have countless ways to become creative and make your wedding unique. Apart from the trends mentioned above, you can go for the following tips to have your own wedding trends:

Final Words

Couples living in London get an excellent chance to plan their Indian and Asian weddings in London by incorporating the latest wedding trends in their wedding décor and celebrations.

Whether they opt for a thematic décor, or go for a sustainable celebration, or decide to include experiential wedding elements, the key is to infuse your Indian or Asian wedding with creativity, and a touch of elegance that will have a lasting impression on your guests.

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