Finding perfect wedding favours for Indian wedding guests can be tough. So, Shenai Wedding offers you some wonderful ideas to get those perfect gifts to awe your guests.

What is it going to be, scented candles or soaps? On second thought, embroidered handbags look great; they are cool and functional. But will my guests like those? After a lot of thinking, you are confused again and fail, yet again, to find that perfect wedding favours.

Indian and Asian weddings house many typical traditions and handing out wedding favours to guests is one of them. However, the Asian and Indian Diaspora now have more sophisticated choices to awe their guests with, which has also become the reason for great confusion.

Given that their wedding guest list would go beyond their own tribe, Indian or Asian couples need to come up with gifting ideas that will be suitable for their diversified guest list, especially those having their Indian or Asian wedding in London.

They need to remember that these gifts will not only serve as tokens of appreciation for their guests but will also act as a reflection of their heritage. Fortunately, there is a plethora of thoughtful and exclusive ideas that can help them make a statement.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top wedding favours that will awe your guests and remind them of your wonderful wedding every time you look at them.

Ornate Holders

India is blessed with cultural diversity, which means different types of embroidery and handicrafts. You can use this diversity to get traditionally ornamented holders for your guests. The intricately designed ornate holders will make for stunning and functional wedding favours.

But, you can’t gift them empty as it is customary in Indian traditions to give a box accompanied by a small gift item. For your ornate holders, you can either choose an assorted collection of sweets, small showpieces, or exotic dry fruits. This will make the wedding favour even more delightful.

Fragrant Potpourri Pouches

If you want a wedding favour that mixes traditional essence with modern touches, then nothing serves better than a scented, delicate potpourri pouch. Filled with aromatic dried flowers, herbs, and spices, the potpourri pouches evoke a sense of tranquility and luxury.

You can choose from more strong fragrances like rose, jasmine, or sandalwood to create a sensory experience that resonates with the rich traditions of India.

Hand-painted Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic items are in fashion, and since India has no scarcity of handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic items, you can gift your guests hand-painted ceramic coasters that capture the beauty of traditional Indian art forms.

Adorned with wonderful motifs like paisleys, mandalas, or peacocks, these coasters reflect the vibrant culture and artistic heritage of India. Guests can cherish these functional pieces of art while reminiscing about the joyous moments from your wedding celebration.

Exquisitely Designed Diyas

Regarding Indian traditions, traditional oil lamps, popularly known as diyas, happen to be the best ones. In Indian traditions, diyas symbolize light, positivity, and spirituality. Thanks to modern artisans, you can now get exquisitely designed and well-decorated diyas.

However, if you want something long-lasting, then go for silver diyas as they are timeless and elegant choices for wedding favours. Crafted by skilled artisans, these shimmering lamps can be engraved with the couple’s initials or wedding date, adding a personalized touch.

Presenting these symbolic favors to your guests honours the significance of light and blessings in Indian culture.

Artisanal Tea Blends

Another great gifting idea is to offer your guests a taste of Indian flavours and aromas with artisanal tea blends. You can curate a selection of premium teas like masala chai, ginger tea, flavoured green teas like tulsi, or aromatic spice-infused blends.

You can package the tea elegantly in ornate tins or pouches. These flavourful and aromatic teas will not only delight your guests but will also introduce them to the aromatic senses of India.

Embroidered Hand Fans

Inspired by the intricate embroidery techniques of Indian craftsmanship, embroidered hand fans are yet another exclusive gift item that can awe your wedding guests. They can serve as a showpiece and can be functional too.

When decorated with delicate threadwork, beads, and mirrors, these fans provide a stylish and practical accessory for your guests during warm wedding festivities. You can also customize the fans with vibrant hues and personalized messages as that will add a thoughtful touch to your wedding favours.

Handmade Favours

Handmade favours are excellent ways to personalize wedding favours. We aren’t talking about boxes and holders. We are talking about handmade scented candles, handmade soaps, essential oils, and other such exclusively handmade items.

Thanks to budding entrepreneurs venturing into this sector, you will find plenty of options to get your functional yet elegant gifts.

Since your Indian or Asian wedding in London will have a diversified guest list, these handmade favours will serve as great ways to cater to the traditional essence along with a touch of sophistication.

Summing Up

Thanks to their rich cultural heritage, rich rituals, and typical traditions, Indian and Asian weddings offer a plethora of enchanting and meaningful wedding favour ideas.

From ornate item holders to handmade candles and soaps, these wedding favours will serve as cherished mementos that will beautifully encapsulate the essence of these vibrant cultures.

By incorporating these top ideas for Indian or Asian wedding favours, you can infuse your special day with an unforgettable touch of elegance, tradition, and heartfelt appreciation for your guests.

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