Guide to Luxurious Wedding Venues in London for Indian and Asian Weddings

The glamour of luxurious wedding venue for Indian and Asian weddings in London is a screaming notion of opulence and grandeur. Fortunately, Indian couples residing in London need not worry about that because London is a bustling metropolis that steeps in history and culture.

It offers a rich collection of luxurious wedding venues that cater to the opulent tastes of Indian and Asian couples. Picking the right one from this large list can become confounding as almost every place appears charming and shining.

That’s why we have narrowed down our list to top ten majestic places that will help you set the stage for memorable wedding celebrations.

From large mansions adorned with timeless elegance of intricate architecture to historical landmarks infused with regal charm, these ten exquisite venues provide the perfect setting for celebrating union of love birds along with the rich cultural traditions of Indian weddings.

Here, are some luxurious venues in London for Indian and Asian weddings:

The Dorchester

When it comes to lavish venue for Indian wedding in London, the Dorchester is the first name that comes to mind. Located in the prestigious Mayfair neighbourhood, The Dorchester stands as an icon of luxury and sophistication.

This legendary hotel has hosted several high-profile events, including extravagant Indian and Asian weddings. With its elegant ballrooms and opulent event spaces, The Dorchester caters to every need of the oriental couples.

From customized menus to personalized services, the dedicated team ensures that every moment of the celebration is imbued with grandeur and beauty.

The Savoy

Overlooking the Thames, The Savoy stands as a dreamy wedding venue, exuding a sense of classic grandeur. With its rich history and reputation for exceptional hospitality, it serves an ideal setup for Indian and Asian weddings notched up with its exclusive ambiance.

Its stunning ballrooms and event spaces offer a majestic setting, complemented by its unparalleled services and culinary excellence.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park offers a classic fusion of contemporary style and traditional charm. The hotel boasts breathtaking views of Hyde Park, thereby offering a picturesque backdrop for Indian and Asian weddings in London.

Couples can choose from a variety of luxurious event spaces, each one meticulously designed to display elegance and grace. With its exceptional service and fine dining, the Mandarin Oriental shall make for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Ritz London

Residing in the heart of Piccadilly, The Ritz London is an epitome of timeless luxury and classic English charm. With its ornate ballrooms and lavish event spaces, this venue offers a magnificent setting for Indian and Asian weddings, evoking a sense of classic grandeur and royal elegance.

The Ritz houses a dedicated team that caters to every requirement, creating an unforgettable celebration that reflects the couple’s unique style and cultural traditions.


Located in the heart of Mayfair, Claridge’s is synonymous with classic beauty. This grand luxury hotel has been a favourite venue for many high-profile weddings. Its opulent ballrooms and exquisite event spaces are perfect for holding pompous Indian and Asian celebrations.

It has an experienced team that attends to your every detail, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

The Landmark London

Situated near Marylebone, The Landmark London boasts Victorian splendour combined with modern luxury, which makes it an ideal venue for grand Indian and Asian weddings. Its versatile event spaces cater to a wide variety of wedding sizes and styles, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience.

The dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the celebration is executed flawlessly, leaving the couple and their guests with cherished memories of a truly lavish affair.

Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel

This one is situated in the exclusive Mayfair neighbourhood and is a prestigious hotel renowned for its grandeur and elegance. Grosvenor House’s versatile event spaces can accommodate large-scale Indian and Asian weddings, while offering a stunning backdrop for the celebration.

The experienced events team takes care of every little detail and sees to it that the couple gets the wedding of their dreams.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Nestled in the upscale Park Lane neighborhood, the Four Seasons Hotel London offers a sophisticated and contemporary venue for luxurious Indian and Asian weddings.

The hotel’s stylish event spaces are adaptable to the couple’s vision, and makes sure that couples get a personalized, unique celebration. With its commitment to impeccable service and attention to detail, the Four Seasons Hotel promises an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Connaught 

Set in the exclusive Mayfair district, The Connaught is a highly popular and luxurious hotel known for its refined elegance and impeccable service. Its stylish event spaces and architecture make it a sought-after choice for Indian and Asian weddings seeking a sophisticated celebration.

The Connaught’s experienced team can cater to the varying demands and aspects of Indian cultural traditions, resulting in a truly memorable and luxurious experience for the couple and their guests.

One Marylebone

Formerly a church, One Marylebone is a unique and historic venue that adds a touch of heritage and character to Indian and Asian weddings. Located in the heart of London, this architectural gem offers adaptable event spaces that fuse tradition with modern luxury.

Its romantic ambiance and picturesque settings create an unforgettable backdrop for an opulent celebration.

Wrapping Up

London, with its rich history and opulent charm, offers an array of luxurious wedding venues that perfectly cater to Indian and Asian couples looking for a lavish celebration of their love.

The venues listed here offer a classic fusion of tradition and modernity and elevate the festivities to a new level of splendour.

Lavish ballrooms, resplendent decorations, and exquisite cuisine – these venues ensure that every moment of the celebration is etched in the hearts of the couple and their guests for years to come.

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