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Indian and Asian Wedding Marriage Decor Service London - Bridal Entrance Ideas for that Happening Indian Wedding in London

Uber Cool Bridal Entrance Ideas for that Happening Indian and Asian Wedding in London

Classy bridal entrances have become a growing trend in Indian weddings London. We present you with a few uber-cool ideas that are sure to make you shine and help you make your Indian and Asian wedding in London absolutely memorable.

In Indian and Asian weddings, a bride’s entry is an eagerly awaited moment. After all, this is the moment that symbolizes the beginning of a whole new phase of life. It’s a moment of anticipation, reverence and joy.

While the guests are mesmerized by her beauty and new look, the couple look forward of building a new life together, one filled with promises, happiness and sharing of responsibilities.

However, in recent times, the bridal entrance has take things to a whole new level in Indian weddings because it is no longer being celebrated in the old ways. Brides today are no longer timid and shy.

In this post, we have listed some wonderful bridal entrance ideas for all that the would-be brides who are looking forward to make their Indian wedding in London an ever-memorable one.

Bring the Doli Back

In ancient Indian culture, brides entered their in-laws house in a doli, an ornamented palanquin. Dolis were beautifully decorated and were covered with lush fabrics so that no one can see the bride’s face.

This ancient tradition can actually become a cool way for brides to enter their wedding. You can select good songs to play with the doli. This ethnic yet unique entry is sure to mesmerize your guests and leave them with unforgettable memories.

The Fairy Tale Entry

A wonderful thing about having Indian or Asian wedding in London is that it gives you numerous ways to bring the British sophistication and blend it with rich Indian heritage. One way to do that is to incorporate the fairy tale element into the weddings, and the best way to do that is display it in the bride’s entry.

You can have a beautiful, closed carriage like Cinderella or an open, vintage one. In either case, this fairy-tale like entrance is sure to surprise everyone including your better half. This setting is especially good when you have an open venue.

The Dancing Diva

Nothing makes for a grand entrance like a carefree but swagger-filled dance. Not only does the dance entry stands as the latest wedding trend but also makes for an energetic entry. You can either choose your own songs or you can have your own mash-up.

You can either perform alone or you can coordinate a dance routine with your own bridal party. The group dance entry makes for a harmonious performance while leaving the audience captivated and enthralled.

The Cool Vintage Car

If you wish to bring an element of timeless elegance in your wedding, then making a bride entry in a classic vintage car is the way to do it. However, you need to keep in mind that this should be within your budget. Even renting a vintage car can cost you a good amount. So, make sure that it does not hamper with your budget.

But, one thing you can be sure of is that this entry is going to create a sparkling moment for everyone. As she comes out of the classic vehicle, the bride will become a classic example of modern era brides.

Umbrella of Flowers

Another classic way of entering the wedding aisle is under umbrella of flowers. You can have small umbrellas customized out of classic flowers like white orchids, lilies and roses. The flower-knitted umbrellas will not only look unique but will also add to the wedding glamour.

To notch things up, you can ask the bridesmaids to match their outfit with the flowers of the umbrellas and carry it over the bride. Guests are sure to go ‘oohh’ and ‘aahh’ on this gesture.

The Canopy Queen the bride and the groom take the limelight during the Indian and Asian Wedding Décor London

The Canopy Queen

It is obvious that the bride and the groom take the limelight during the wedding. But when it comes to absolute grandeur, it’s the bride that radiates the aura of a queen. To make the queen’s entry even more special, you can adorn the aisle’s pathway with a floral canopy.

You can even add string lights to the canopy as it will make the entire thing simply breathtaking. While walking beneath this canopy, the bride will be enveloped in a symphony of scents and hues, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

A Boat or Gondola Arrival

If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating your wedding near water bodies, then a boat or gondola entrance can offer an enchanting touch of romance.  

The bride’s arrival on a beautifully adorned vessel will not only augment her beauty along with the beautiful boat but will also add an element of poetic charm to the celebration.

So, what do you think?

Which one do you think will be your way of making a dramatic entrance? Before you decide, do remember that some of the ideas can be a little costly. But that’s no reason to stop from implementing your captivating bridal entrance ideas. 

The ideas discussed here are meant for all sorts of budget. But in case you’re looking for a mix and match of these ideas, then Shenai Weddings is here to help you. 

Remember, each idea mentioned here captures the essence of one of the most vital moments in a couple’s life. These ideas allow the bride to shine while showing off the rich cultural heritage of Indian weddings in London.

Mandaps and lighting décor are important elements of Indian and Asian wedding in London

7 Classy Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Indian or Asian Wedding in London

Lighting has the power to instantly transform your guests to an enchanted land. Shenai Weddings enlists seven astounding ways to lighting to illuminate your Indian and Asian wedding in London with style and elegance.

An Indian wedding is an amalgamation of numerous elements. While some of them take prominence in discussion (like food, , décor and accommodations), some subtle elements happen to orchestrate the emotional crescendo. One such element is lighting.

Lighting to Illuminate Your Indian or Asian Wedding décor in London because it sets the mood and ambiance for the occasion. The importance of proper lighting in weddings transcends the mundane; it weaves an ethereal tapestry and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

The right lighting choice can transform a mundane venue into a place of dreams. It can elevate the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. When set in tune with the decorations, it casts an enchanting spell upon the guests.

That’s why, we have dedicated this post to help you explore some classy lighting options that bring a touch of elegance and enchantment to Indian and Asian weddings in London and beautifully blend ethnicity with modernity. So let’s begin.

Charming Chandeliers décor for Indian and Asian wedding in London - Shenai Weddings

Charming Chandeliers

Chandeliers have always been considered a symbol of grandeur and sophistication. An additional benefit is that chandeliers come in great variety of designs. So you can have it in ethnic style as well in modern touches.

You can hang the chandeliers above the dance floor or as a centrepiece in the reception hall, or even for extra illumination in the mandap. Chandeliers with intricate designs can infuse an air of elegance and can add a touch of regal charm to the celebration.

Oriental Lamps for Indian and Asian wedding Decoration in London

Lovely Oriental Lamps

When it comes to traditional lighting, lamps make for an obvious choice, especially oriental lamps. Nowadays, you can find a variety of ornate oriental designs to choose from. Crafted with vibrant colours, these lamps can instantly change the ambiance of a wedding setting.

You can either hang them from the ceiling or place them strategically around the venue to offer a traditional yet elegant feel. They impart an ethereal glow and transport guests to the land of wonders.

Traditional Diyas and Oil Lamps décor for Indian and Asian Weddings In London United Kingdom

Traditional Diyas and Oil Lamps

If you are bent on giving your Indian wedding décor in London the most authentic heritage touch, then traditional diyas and oil lamps are your best bets. Diyas hold a special place in Indian weddings. The small, flickering lights of the traditional diyas and lamps will help build a serene atmosphere.

Nowadays, the diyas are crafted in different designs and come in vibrant colours. So you can choose the ones that augment your décor. You can place the diyas and lamps on the pathways, or on the tables to add that extra zing. You can even place them on rangoli designs to bring that authentic cultural pride to your lighting.


When you talk about elegant lighting options, you simply cannot overlook candles.  As lighting décor, candles not only present you with variations in terms of designs, colors, size, and shapes, but also present you with numerous decorating-type options.

You can place them in grand decorative holders like silver holders or coloured glass holders or you can use floating candles by placing them in water-filled vases, or pools for creating an enchanting, romantic atmosphere.

Moroccan Lanterns

If you are captivated by the Arabian décor or want that Middle eastern elegance, then Moroccan lanterns are the best picks. Moroccan lanterns radiate an exotic stylishness that beautifully complements the mystique of Indian and Asian weddings.

The intricate metalwork patterns of these lanterns cast mesmerizing and interestingly designed shadows, which create an atmosphere that perfectly complements the night of celebrations.

You can hang the lanterns from the ceilings and even place them in centre tables. Moroccan lanterns, however, go best when hung from natural elements like branches or placed around flowers.

Fairy Lights Décor for Special  Indian and Asian wedding in London United Kingdom

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights have become extremely popular lighting elements, especially because these lights have the ability to impart a magical atmosphere during wedding celebrations and instantly transform the entire ambiance.

These lighting décor items add a touch of enchantment to the wedding venue and do a wonderful job of delighting the guests. The greatest thing is that fairy lights can be incorporated in the wedding venue in different ways.

You can use them to decorate trees and shrubs that come as a part of your Indian wedding venue in London, or you can use them as a part of your canopy décor, covering the soft, patterned fabrics and giving it a romantic glow.

Marquee Lighting

Looking for some personalized lighting options? Go for Marquee lights for they give you plenty of options to personalize your décor as well as your wedding. You can use these lights in the form of large, highlighted letters that spell out the couple’s name or words of endearment.

Such unique lighting decorations are sure to awe and mesmerize your guests alike. Marquee lights are excellent ways for adding a personalized touch and at the same time offering a brilliant background for photographs.

Summing Up

Proper lighting has the power to conduct emotions. Soft, warm lighting add a touch of romance and nostalgia, while vibrant hues reflect excitement and joy. It lends an air of magic to the entire wedding décor.

In oriental weddings, where traditions and customs form the heart of the décor, lighting serves as a bridge between culture and modernity, and tradition and innovation.

In the vibrant settings of Indian and Asian weddings in London, lighting serves as the brushstroke that adds depth, illumination and radiance to the celebration. From the traditional touch of diyas to the modern touch of Marquee lights, each lighting option brings its own charm to the table.

But while picking the right one, do consider your wedding theme, decorations and of course, your budget for elegant options like chandeliers and Marquee may cost you a bit.

And in case you need help, feel free to contact the professionals and find out the perfect options that will augment your wedding décor and will be easy on your budget as well.

Classic Stage Décor for Indian and Asian Weddings in London - Shenai Weddings Stage Décor Services in London

Classic Stage Décor Ideas for Indian and Asian Weddings in London

The stage in Indian and Asian weddings is the centre of both union and attraction. Learn how to make stage décor unique for your Indian and Asian wedding in London with our classic ideas.

A wedding is a celebration of love, unity, and cultural heritage. Stage décor in Indian and Asian weddings plays a significant role in setting the tone for this grand occasion. The décor is often elaborate and colorful, reflecting the rich culture and traditions of the region. It may feature traditional flowers, candles, and lanterns, as well as more modern elements like crystal chandeliers and LED lights. The stage décor is designed to create a magical and memorable atmosphere for the bride and groom, their families, and their guests.

In the cosmopolitan city of London, crafting a classic stage Décor for Indian and Asian weddings becomes a seamless blend of cultural richness and contemporary aesthetics.

Starting from intricate details to opulent designs, you can have plenty of options to make the stage the centre of attention. In case you’re looking for ideas, then we have got plenty.

So, let’s delve into the world of classic stage Décor ideas without further ado and help you create a symphony of elegance for Indian and Asian weddings in London.

spread the Mandap Magic for Indian and Asian weddings in London

Spreading the Mandap Magic

At the heart of every Indian wedding Décor lies the mandap, which is considered an embodiment of tradition and union. To infuse a classic touch, you can opt from the following options and give a sense of grandeur to the structure:

  • Crafting a grand and ornate mandap or canopy as the focal point of the stage.
  • Enhance the mandap with intricate floral arrangements, hanging garlands, and drapes.
  • Incorporate traditional elements like bells, lanterns, and ornate wooden carvings as a tribute to your cultural roots.
Luminous Dreams with Art of Lighting for Indian and Asian wedding London

Floral Enchantment with Blossoming Beauty

Flowers have a language of their own, and in the context of a wedding stage, their language of beauty is unmatched. So when it comes to stage Decorations, do consider of creating a breathtaking floral enigma. Some of the options are:

  • Arranging flowers in the shape of intricate patterns, peacocks, or elephants to add an artistic dimension to the décor.
  • Blending lush floral arrangements with a mix of traditional and exotic flowers like marigolds with orchids and roses.
  • Creating elegant floral backdrops with single-coloured flowers like blue orchids, pink roses, white lilies, etc.
Luminous Dreams with Art of Lighting Indian and Asian wedding Stage Décor

Luminous Dreams with Art of Lighting

A classic stage Décor is incomplete without the enchanting play of lights. Since the stage is going to be a restricted space, embellishing it with lights will help add extra aura to its Decorations and give it the ‘extravaganza’ look. A few good options to for setting the stage with those luminous dreams include:

  • Using a combination of crystal chandeliers, ornate hanging lamps, and fairy lights to weave an aura of magic.
  • Lighting it up with candles in ornate holders to add a touch of romantic glow.
  • Experimenting with coloured lighting options to match the theme and mood of the wedding.

Cultural Display with Traditional Elements

To transport your wedding guests to the heart of Indian and Asian cultures, infuse the stage Décor with authentic cultural elements. Some classic ways to do so are enlisted below:

  • Using artistic elements like rich fabrics in traditional colours like red and gold or incorporating artistic styles of a particular region.
  • Adorning the stage with traditional statues, ornate mirrors, and vibrant Décorative umbrellas.
  • Incorporating antique artifacts and props that showcase the heritage of the couple’s culture.
Royal Seating for Furniture Finesse - Shenai weddings Stage Décor Indian and Asian Weddings

Royal Seating for Furniture Finesse

Seating arrangements on the wedding stage can go a long way in mirroring the cultural standard of a typical Indian wedding. So let’s have a look at the tips that help you add to the grandeur.

  • Selecting ornately carved furniture that echoes the grandeur of an era gone by.
  • Incorporating a fusion of vintage and contemporary furniture pieces that creates an eclectic yet harmonious look that resonates with the spirit of modern-day weddings.
  • Going for personalized touches like names of bride and the groom carved on the main chairs.
Colours that Captivate - Sheani Weddings Stage Décor for Indian and Asian wedding Décor services London

Colours that Captivate

Colours are the essence of celebrations, especially in Indian weddings like how people synchronize with yellow during haldi. So, a great way to make your Indian and Asian wedding décor in London memorable is to beautify the stage with captivating colours. But how will you do this? Here come a couple of suggestions.

  • Choosing a rich and vibrant colour palette that complements the couple’s attire and blend in with their beauty.
  • Experimenting with jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, and gold to bring out the lushness of Indian and Asian weddings.

Be Exclusive with Personalized Touches

There’s nothing that screams exclusive like personalized touches. Personalized décor not only makes the stage look unique but also captures the essence of the couple’s journey. Two beautiful ways that will help do it in the right way are:

  • Displaying photographs of the couple and their families in ornate frames as it will offer guests a glimpse into heritage history and the binding love.
  • Including elements that represent the couple’s journey like special moments and favourite quotes that encapsulate the depth of their relationship.

Cultural Symbolism with Traditional Motifs

Another great way to make your stage décor unique is by personalizing the stage Décor by incorporating traditional symbols and motifs that are close to the couple’s heart. Some classic ways to do so are:

  • Incorporating cultural symbols and motifs that are exclusive to the couple’s heritage.
  • Using intricate patterns like rangoli, henna designs or traditional artworks that infuse the Décor with a unique soulfulness.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also try amplifying the classic stage décor by extending the magic to the aisle and adding to the grandeur. This will create a seamless transition from the entrance to the stage, offering an astounding visual journey for the guests.

Wrapping Up

Indian and Asian weddings in London offer couples with a plenty of ways to show their grandeur along with their cultural love and tradition, and the stage Décor is a canvas upon which these elements come together in perfect harmony.

From the enchanting mandap to the blossoming floral arrangements, every aspect of the Décor can speak volumes about the couple’s heritage and their journey. The fusion of classic elegance and contemporary aesthetics creates a beauty that resonates with both tradition and modernity.

Indian and Asian wedding Décor London | Foods to Keep in Your Indian Wedding in London

Top Must-have Foods to Keep in Your Indian Wedding in London

Let your guests get astounded and awed with these top must-have Indian cuisines and show what a true, cultural Indian wedding in London feels like.

Your Indian wedding in London is a shining thread in the tapestry of Indian weddings, where festivities, traditions, and entertainment blend harmoniously, one element that weaves its way into the hearts of all is the exquisite taste of typical Indian food.

Food holds a profound significance in Indian weddings as every dish that adorns the wedding feast is meticulously prepared by skilled hands, with recipes passed down through generations.

As each flavour dances upon the taste buds, it carries with it the essence of family heritage within its rich taste. From the aromatic spices that waft through the air to the vibrant array of colours that decorate the plates, the food symbolizes the rich diversity and unity that is at the core of Indian culture.

But Indian food, like its culture is a diverse one. So, while planning your grand Indian wedding in London, you need to give extra attention to the culinary part and decide which ones to keep and which to cross out.

To make things a little easier for you, team Shenai has decided to list some of the top cuisines that are must-haves for your menu. The foods listed here will help you to bring out your country’s uniqueness while introducing your guests to the variety of Indian flavours. So let’s get started with it.

Chaat for that Burst of Flavors

Irrespective of vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, you need to include chaat, for it is symbol the vibrant and tangy street food of India. Chaat is going to be a delightful addition to any Indian wedding menu.

Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Aloo Tikki Chaat – these savoury snacks offer a burst of flavours with their spicy, sweet, and sour chutneys and crunchy elements. Watching the live chaat stations in action will add an element of entertainment for your guests.

Chole Bhature for that Northern Touch

Chole Bhature, a typical North Indian favourite, has spicy chickpea curry served with deep-fried, fluffy bhature bread. Added along is a simple salad of onion and cucumber served along with pickles.

This hearty dish is a crowd-pleaser that adds a touch of comfort to the wedding feast. It’s also a great addition to a menu that’s strictly vegetarian.

Dosa for that South Indian Sensation

While going all vegetarian, why keep the South away if you’re bringing the North? And there’s nothing better to add a touch of South India to the wedding than a delightful plate of dosa, which is a versatile and beloved South Indian dish.

The thin, crispy crepe made from fermented rice and lentil batter is served with coconut chutney and sambar (a lentil soup prepared with tangy tamarind and vegetables), providing a delightful change of pace from the usual wedding fare.

Tandoori Kebabs for that Grilled Perfection

If your menu is looking for some smoky yet yummy items, then Tandoori Kebabs, the marinated pieces of meat or vegetables cooked in the clay tandoor oven, are a must. From succulent chicken tikka to smoky paneer tikka, these skewered delights add a deliciously smoky touch to the celebrations.

A good thing is that Tandoori kebabs can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations and hence is perfect for satiating the starter pang of both carnivorous and vegetarian guests alike.

Biryani to give Regal Rice Delight

Biryani is considered as one of the crown jewels of Indian cuisine. It’s a fragrant and flavourful rice dish that takes centre stage at maximum Indian weddings (especially for non-vegetarian menus).

Long-grained, Basmati rice is layered with succulent pieces of marinated meat, be it chicken, or goat, and fused with aromatic spices like saffron, cardamom, and cloves. Every spoonful of this dish is a journey through a symphony of flavours that leaves guests wanting more.

Rasmalai to Show the Milky Marvel

Rasmalai is a delectable Indian dessert that holds a special place in the hearts of those with a sweet tooth. It tastes heavenly, with the sweetness of the flavoured milk, and soft cottage cheese dumplings perfectly balanced along with the aroma of cardamom and the delicate fragrance of saffron.

Rasmalai is typically garnished with chopped nuts like pistachios, and almonds, and sometimes even a sprinkle of edible silver leaf for a touch of opulence. The result is an elegant dessert that delights both the eyes and the taste buds.

Gulab Jamun for the Sweet Bliss

Another must-add name to satiate the sweet tooth of your guests is Gulab Jamun. These soft, spongy and fried milk dumplings, soaked in sugar syrup, offer an exquisite taste of bliss that leaves guests with fond memories of the festivities. They are surely going to want more of it.

Paan for that Refreshing Finish

Paan, also known as betel leaf, is a popular traditional item in many South Asian countries, especially India. It is made by wrapping various ingredients in a betel leaf and often chewed as a mouth freshener or after-meal digestive. But once again, India has turned the simple Paan into a delicacy by adding different flavours to eat.

Some prefer it with only Areca nut (popularly known as supari) while some prefer it with a subtle touch of slaked line. Meanwhile, there are others who like it with sweet and savoury fillings. Nowadays, some experienced chefs are giving it an extra touch of chocolate.

Wrapping Up

Indian weddings are a time of celebration, and the food becomes an integral part of this joyous festivity. In Indian celebrations, it is a symbol of abundance, and hospitality.

As London embraces diverse cultures, hosting an Indian wedding in this vibrant city allows couples to share the richness of Indian cuisines with their guests. From the regal biryani to the tangy chaat and the sweet delights of Gulab Jamun to the refreshing Paan, each dish listed here and served at an Indian wedding in London is an ode to its shared culture.

So, as you plan your Indian wedding in London, remember that the flavours of India have the power to bring everyone together in an exquisite culinary journey like no other.

To add perfection to it, let Shenai Weddings help you out with the sweet and paan displays so that you can wow your guests and leave them with an unforgettable experience.

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